About Us

We are a luxury urban clothing line and lifestyle brand that wish to develop and show the talent of many incredible people ranging from art, fashion and music that have yet to be seen or heard.  We want TSCH to become an integral part of our generation’s culture and clothing isn’t the only way we are looking to do this.

Through our lifetime we have been witness to so many talented individuals being crushed by large corporations or sucked into contracts that even restrict their freedom of speech. Clothing is a form of expression that has captured the imagination of our generation, we want to utilise this and make it huge. We work very closely with different industry professionals that dominate their own fields; from the European Hip Hop Dance Champions, to X factor finalists. We are looking to pursue many projects spanning across the creativity spectrum but combining it all under one brand and one vision. Bringing luxury back to the masses.


'Unless you have absolute clarity of what your brand stands for, everything else is irrelevant'

- Mark Baynes